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EDHEC Business School Summer Courses

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EDHEC Summer Courses

An opportunity to gain credit and learn about vital business environments while discovering France!

Why a Summer Course in France?

A semester abroad enhances your knowledge and adds to your profile: a summer course helps you cover a specific subject and can be evaluated as a short version of your international exposure hence, it brings a lot of weight to your resume. EDHEC Business School is ranked worldwide for its programmes. Following the summer course at EDHEC adds an edge to your resume.

You get to experience a different educational system: Every country has a different educational system. At EDHEC, you will get familiar with European institutions, nations and the particular problems presented in constructing a European Union.

You’ll gain new perspectives: With mix of  nationalities at EDHEC Nice Campus, you will learn to work from a multi-national perspective. It will help you face current challenges and come up with creative solutions.

You won't be a tourist, you will be a part of French society, while you are visiting: the difference in visiting a country and living in a country is you get to know it really well. If you are planning to follow any degree programme, it will give you a clear picture of your future life.

You improve your language skills: a summer course gives you an opportunity to practice your French which is at present spoken in more than 30 countries. The course is delivered in English but we do offer survival French courses and lots of immersion opportunities.  

Join EDHEC Business School for your summer programme !



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