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EDHEC's Summer program provided an outstanding mix of lectures on doing business in Europe and understanding cultural nuances which shape business behaviors. In addition, the company visits gave participants a practical and informative look at several foreign firms across a variety of industries. Finally, the cultural activities were well-planned providing a perfect introduction to several European cities. It was also fun studying with and learning from students from around the world. I recommend this program to anyone who wants to build his or her understanding of global business. JD Miller – Freemover participant from Pennsylvania, USA

Both EDHEC's Summer School modules were very enriching in the sense that the combination of subjects, company visits and day-trips provided participants with deep understanding of the European culture, economy and political spheres. The highlight for me was also to meet experienced and talented people from all sorts of countries. I strongly recommend this program and believe it can indeed be an eye opener in regards to the European world.” Milena Pereira – University of Sao Paulo, Brésil

“The course was on the whole very interesting and engaging. Your organization was exemplary and we especially enjoyed the company visits. I would recommend any of my contemporaries to consider the course, and part of me even wishes I could complete my MBA or at least study further with you at EDHEC.” Charles Tee –Kingston College, UK

“I would thoroughly recommend the EDHEC Summer Program. The course was extremely pertinent in today’s global business environment. This experience was invaluable. The opportunity to meet and get to know people from around the globe was an absolute highlight for me.” Leo Yin, Queensland University of Technology, Australia.

"My experience at EDHEC was really enlightening into the true aspects of cultural diversity. Through our many cultural excursions on the French Riviera and our course on Cultural Diversity, I have received an eye opening experience that has made me look forward to interacting with the French culture again."Alexander Lane, Texas A&M, USA.

“The program provided me a very holistic overview of the business environment in Europe. The great company and cultural visits helped us to get a ‘flavor’ of the corporate and cultural environment in Europe. I am glad that I was able to learn about the differences in people and their way of life.” Latika Sharma, Florida International University, USA.

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